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Marcia A. <span>Masulla</span>

Marcia A. Masulla

Dogs: Bellini + Clementine

Meet Bellini & Clementine

Assisted by Marcia Masulla

My mom was on the road touring for a grassroots campaign when she was working for a Internationally recognized animal rights and welfare organization at the time. Her and her tourmate Amanda were in Corpus Christi, Texas and found me and another pup (who they named Bella) walking around a rough neighborhood with zip ties around our necks. They tried to call for help but were advised that we would both be immediately put down due to an overpopulation crisis. So after failing to find a local rescue or shelter to take us in, they drove us to safety to Houston and were able to talk a rescue Scout's Honor to take us in although they didn't have room for us. We also found out that I was pregnant. My mom donated to them and told them to call her after I had my puppies and if nobody had committed to adopting me by then, she would drive back from Nashville to come get me. 5 weeks and a 13 hour road-trip later, we were reunited again. My puppies were one by one slowly getting adopted but I wagged my tail immediately when I saw her walk in to my foster home. We've been together ever since and my little sister Clementine joined us in June of 2014. She was dumped in a backyard in Mufreesboro but a TBM supporter reached out to my mom and connected them. Now, Clemmy is the head of the household but we kind of like it that way.” - Bellini, adopted in 2010

Brannon <span>Morton</span>

Brannon Morton

Dog: Roxy

Meet Roxy

Assisted by Brannon Morton

I was eating bagels from a dumpster at a gas station in East Nashville when I first met my dad I call Braney. It was Valentine's Day when I went to live with him at my forever home, and now I get all the treats that I want. I really enjoy obsessively licking people and carpet, snuggling, and acting like a puppy. My dad recently DNA tested me and found out I'm part Beagle, Great Pyrenees and Boxer.

Renae<span> Morton</span>

Renae Morton

Dog: Sophie

Meet Sophie

Assisted by Renae Morton

I was banged up and laying in the middle of the road, and my mom, Renae, found me when she was taking my big sister Lauren to school. My snout is still scarred up from the wounds that were on my face. Unfortunately, I had recently had a cord tied around my neck. When I saw my mom's car coming down the street I walked to the middle of the street and laid down blocking the way. My mom had no choice but to get out, and I just looked at her with her with my little beady eyes and that seemed to be asking for help. I rode all the way to school with them and then they took me to their home. I immediately loved Roxie, even though she doesn't typically like other dogs. My mom posted about me on pet finder sites but no one ever claimed me - and I really didn't want to go back anyway. Nine years later I'm still hanging out with my pack, eating snacks and listening to rap music - and sometimes going to work at Lucy Pop with my mom.

Samantha <span>Oaks</span>

Samantha Oaks

Dog: Lucien

Meet Lucien

Assisted by Samantha Oaks

I was swimming in the swamps after hurricane Katrina and living on I-10. My mom, Samantha, took me in and told me that she'd find me a loving home. I was smitten with her so my secret mission was to stay with her forever. I wasn't feeling well but I made the best effort to behave myself. She took me to work with her everyday touting to everyone she came across how well behaved I was and that I would make the perfect companion. Finally, I couldn't hold it in any more. With green puss coming out of my eyes and nose I looked up at her from underneath her desk with my deep brown eyes and let her know I was gravely ill. I crossed my paws in hopes that she had at least fallen in love enough to take care of me. During the vet visit the doctor told my mom that she would have to put me to sleep. That did it. She was determined that if I did find a forever home I would live a long life. That was nine years and a million puppy kisses ago. We are hopelessly in love.


Amy <span>Atkinson</span>

Amy Atkinson

Ana Lee <span>Canto</span>

Ana Lee Canto

Carla <span>Antonelli</span>

Carla Antonelli

Dr. Craig <span>Prior</span>

Dr. Craig Prior

Miranda <span>Christy</span>

Miranda Christy

Mclaine <span>Richardson</span>

Mclaine Richardson

Stacie <span>Standifer</span>

Stacie Standifer

Phil <span>Cobucci</span>

Phil Cobucci